Another sketch commission of Felaine the mesmer lady, looking a bit more sedate than the last.

Still taking commissions; details are here.


Creeping on verdence's Incana in the Grove.  Can you blame me?  Look at that cutie.

What are you talking about with your tags, he is innocent.  Nothing to see here, Warden, Sir.


From now on all things I draw will take place in a sandstorm because that was the easiest background I’ve ever had to draw.

Petition to ANet to include some future living story where Trahearne and Palawa Joko have a Necro fight.



"What are you going to do, hit me with a book?

…What are you, Trahearne? A useless scholar studying a dead land?”

because trahearne is not just an antisocial nerd but also a legendary necromancer that does freaking DEATH RITUALS and probably bathes in blood and NO ONE seems to acknowledge this ever which is hilarious

He just SUMMONS FIVE FLESH GOLEMS AT THE SAME TIME but no he’s totally a weenie scholar.  It’s not like he didn’t survive living in Orr for 20+ years or anything.  Alone. ???


i can imagine trahearne being the type of person who eats a whole tub of ice cream whenever hes feeling down

I dunno, I think he’d be a tea and books and eat a whole box of cookies kind of person, rather than an ice cream person.

Knockback skills.  Why.

On the topic of legendaries, I’m going to start throwing appropriately tiered and leveled drops in the mystic forge in the off chance they produce something.  I don’t intend to spend money buying stuff off the AH and playing forge lottery, just as I get the right kinds of drops to throw in for a few specific items.

Need to pick up some of the neat skins that I’m missing too, like the rapier.